A jamboree is a festive party or gathering. Your backyard jamboree might bother your neighbors, unless you invite them to join you.

When you throw a jamboree, there's usually music, cheering, or other kinds of noise involved. You can call any large celebration a jamboree, as long as it's full of celebration and raucous enthusiasm. Jamboree is an American English invention from the 1860's. The word's origin isn't certain, although experts suspect a connection to shivaree, or charivari, a French folk tradition of greeting a newly married couple by making a whole lot of noise, in a mock serenade.

Definitions of jamboree
  1. noun
    a festive party or celebration
    synonyms: blowout, gala, gala affair
    see moresee less
    type of:
    celebration, festivity
    any joyous diversion
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