Definitions of irrupt
  1. verb
    erupt or intensify suddenly
    “The crowd irrupted into a burst of patriotism”
    synonyms: break open, burst out, erupt, flare, flare up
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    type of:
    deepen, intensify
    become more intense
  2. verb
    enter uninvited
    “She irrupted into our sitting room”
    synonyms: intrude
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    break in
    intrude on uninvited
    intrude or enter uninvited
    barge in, crash, gate-crash
    enter uninvited; informal
    move in on
    make intrusive advances towards
    type of:
    come in, enter, get in, get into, go in, go into, move into
    to come or go into
  3. verb
    increase rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner
    “The island's rodent population irrupted
    synonyms: explode
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    type of:
    become bigger or greater in amount
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