Something that’s irrepressible can’t be restrained. If you find yourself constantly looking up the definitions of interesting words, you have an irrepressible desire to expand your vocabulary. You just can’t stop!

Irrepressible comes from the word repress, which means "restrain" or "reject." If you have a desire to become an actor but are worried about financial security, you might repress your calling for the stage and opt for law school instead. However, some desires are simply irrepressible. If you ignore your urge to be onstage, watch out; we predict that one day you’ll find yourself delivering a Shakespearean monologue to a very confused jury.

Definitions of irrepressible
  1. adjective
    impossible to repress or control
    “an irrepressible chatterbox”
    synonyms: uncontrollable
    not being under control; out of control
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