Something that's intramural takes place within a single institution or community. Your local recreational center might offer intramural table tennis to its members.

First used in the mid-19th century, the adjective intramural comes from the prefix intra, meaning "within," and the Latin word murus, meaning "walls." It describes an activity that is done within the boundaries — the walls — of an organization or community. You might be familiar with intramural sports leagues that are intended for recreation and fun. They're often offered though a school or community group and are typically open for any member to join.

Definitions of intramural

adj carried on within the bounds of an institution or community

“most of the students participated actively in the college's intramural sports program”
internal, intragroup
occurring within an institution or community
carried on outside the bounds of an institution or community
used of competition between colleges or universities
between two or more institutions etc
interscholastic, interschool
used of competition or cooperation between secondary schools
functioning outside the boundaries or precincts of an organized unit
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