Definitions of intoxication

n the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance

poisoning, toxic condition
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alkali poisoning
poisoning resulting from the ingestion of an alkali compound (as lye or ammonia)
caffeine intoxication, caffeinism
poisoning resulting from excessive intake of caffeine containing products
carbon monoxide poisoning
a toxic condition that results from inhaling and absorbing carbon monoxide gas
cyanide poisoning
poisoning due to ingesting or inhaling cyanide; common in smoke from fires and in industrial chemicals
poisoning by ingestion of ergot-infected grain products; characterized by thirst and diarrhea and nausea and cramping and vomiting and abnormal cardiac rhythms; in severe cases it can cause seizures and gangrene of the limbs
mercury poisoning
a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury; acute mercury poisoning causes a metallic taste and vomiting and diarrhea and kidney problems that may lead to death
naphthalene poisoning
toxic condition resulting from inhaling or ingesting naphthalene
nicotine poisoning
toxic condition caused by the ingestion or inhalation of large amounts of nicotine
poisoning by snake venom
paraquat poisoning
poisoning caused by ingestion of paraquat; characterized by progressive damage to the esophagus and liver and kidneys
pesticide poisoning
toxic condition resulting from ingesting or inhaling a pesticide
salicylate poisoning
poisoning caused by the excessive ingestion of salicylates (usually aspirin)
malathion poisoning
a toxic condition caused by inhaling or ingesting the insecticide Malathion
Minamata disease
a form of mercury poisoning among people who ate fish from mercury-contaminated waters of Minamata Bay off Japan in the 1950s; characterized by severe neurological degeneration
parathion poisoning
a toxic condition resulting from inhalation or ingestion of the insecticide parathion; characterized by nausea and abdominal pains and headache and convulsions and sweating
Type of:
physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state
the condition or state of the body or bodily functions

n a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol

drunkenness, inebriation, inebriety, insobriety, tipsiness
soberness, sobriety
the state of being sober and not intoxicated by alcohol
a dazed and staggering state caused by alcohol
stupefaction from drink
Type of:
temporary state
a state that continues for a limited time

n excitement and elation beyond the bounds of sobriety

“the intoxication of wealth and power”
Type of:
excitement, exhilaration
the feeling of lively and cheerful joy

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