Other forms: interviews; interviewed; interviewing

Interview can be a verb or a noun, but whatever form it takes, it involves a formal meeting and asking or answering questions. When you go to a job interview, be prepared to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses.

The noun form of interview refers to a question-and-answer session. You’ve probably seen a TV interview with a famous person, or you may have gone to an interview with a college admissions director. The verb form of the word describes the act of asking the questions. You might interview a local politician for your school paper. Often an interview involves some kind of evaluation, so speak carefully if someone is interviewing you, especially if it's going to be published!

Definitions of interview
  1. noun
    the questioning of a person (or a conversation in which information is elicited); often conducted by journalists
    “my interviews with teenagers revealed a weakening of religious bonds”
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    employment interview, job interview
    an interview to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a position of employment
    telephone interview
    an interview conducted over the telephone
    type of:
    examination, interrogation, interrogatory
    formal systematic questioning
  2. noun
    a conference (usually with someone important)
    synonyms: audience, consultation
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    type of:
    conference, group discussion
    a discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic
  3. verb
    discuss formally with (somebody) for the purpose of an evaluation
    “We interviewed the job candidates”
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    type of:
    converse, discourse
    carry on a conversation
  4. verb
    conduct an interview in television, newspaper, and radio reporting
    synonyms: question
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    type of:
    converse, discourse
    carry on a conversation
  5. verb
    go for an interview in the hope of being hired
    “The job candidate interviewed everywhere”
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    type of:
    converse, discourse
    carry on a conversation




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