1. interpersonal occurring among or involving several people
  2. interpersonal chemistry the way two individuals relate to each other
  3. personification attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas
  4. enterprisingness readiness to embark on bold new ventures
  5. interpretation the act of expressing something in an artistic performance
  6. international candle a former international unit of luminous intensity
  7. interpretative dance a form of modern dance in which the dancer's movements depict an emotion or tell a story
  8. interpretive dance a form of modern dance in which the dancer's movements depict an emotion or tell a story
  9. International Wanted Notice an Interpol notice describing a wanted person and asking that he or she be arrested with a view to extradition; a wanted notice that is issued by Interpol at the request of an Interpol member country and distributed to all member countries
  10. interpreting an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious
  11. personal cheque a check drawn against funds deposited in your personal checking account
  12. international waters the open seas of the world outside the territorial waters of any nation
  13. interfacial tension surface tension at the surface separating two non-miscible liquids
  14. interplanetary gas a rarefied flow of gas and charged particles (plasma) that stream from the sun and form the solar wind
  15. winter purslane succulent herb sometimes grown as a salad or pot herb
  16. International Date Line an imaginary line on the surface of the earth following (approximately) the 180th meridian
  17. international terrorism terrorism practiced in a foreign country by terrorists who are not native to that country
  18. winter crookneck squash any of various plants bearing squash having hard rinds and elongated recurved necks
  19. internal revenue government revenue from domestic sources (excluding customs)
  20. enterprising marked by initiative and readiness to undertake new projects