An intermediary is someone who acts as a go-between or a mediator between two other people. Be careful when you're the intermediary between two friends who are fighting, because they might both end up mad at you!

The word intermediary comes from the Latin intermedius, which is also the root word for intermediate. Inter- means between, and medius means the middle — intermediary retains that sense of being in the middle. Intermediaries are used to negotiate between two countries who are at odds, between a company and a client over a contract, between two bickering children, or between a boss and an employee in salary negotiations.

Definitions of intermediary
  1. noun
    a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
    synonyms: go-between, intercessor, intermediator, mediator
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    Edward Fitzgerald
    English poet remembered primarily for his free translation of the poetry of Omar Khayyam (1809-1883)
    Benjamin Jowett
    English classical scholar noted for his translations of Plato and Aristotle (1817-1893)
    William Tindale
    English translator and Protestant martyr; his translation of the Bible into English (which later formed the basis for the King James Version) aroused ecclesiastical opposition; he left England in 1524 and was burned at the stake in Antwerp as a heretic (1494-1536)
    Bishop Ulfilas
    a Christian believed to be of Cappadocian descent who became bishop of the Visigoths in 341 and translated the Bible from Greek into Gothic; traditionally held to have invented the Gothic alphabet (311-382)
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    a woman who is a mediator
    conciliator, make-peace, pacifier, peacemaker, reconciler
    someone who tries to bring peace
    a person who deals tactfully with others
    harmoniser, harmonizer
    a mediator who brings one thing into harmonious agreement with another
    interpreter, translator
    someone who mediates between speakers of different languages
    marriage broker, matcher, matchmaker
    someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others
    someone who mediates disputes and attempts to avoid violence
    second hand
    an intermediate person; used in the phrase `at second hand'
    someone who tries to bring peace by acceding to demands
    an interpreter and guide in the Near East; in the Ottoman Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries a translator of European languages for the Turkish and Arab authorities and most dragomans were Greek (many reached high positions in the government)
    a moderator who makes less extreme or uncompromising
    symboliser, symbolist, symbolizer
    someone skilled in the interpretation or representation of symbols
    type of:
    negotiant, negotiator, treater
    someone who negotiates (confers with others in order to reach a settlement)
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