Insipidity is a quality of being drab or boring. The insipidity of the book you're reading for English class might make it hard to finish it in time.

You might complain about the insipidity of your dreary hotel room, or the insipidity of every single TV show as you flip from channel to channel. The insipidity of pop music could inspire you to write your own songs, and the insipidity of your mom's casserole might call for liberal amounts of ketchup. Insipidity comes from insipid, or dull, which originally meant "without flavor," from the Late Latin inspidus, "tasteless."

Definitions of insipidity
  1. noun
    extreme dullness; lacking spirit or interest
    synonyms: boringness, dreariness, insipidness
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    type of:
    banality, dullness
    the quality of lacking interestingness
  2. noun
    lacking any distinctive or interesting taste property
    synonyms: blandness, insipidness
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    type of:
    unappetisingness, unappetizingness
    the property of spoiling the appetite
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