The initiation of something is the beginning. It's what sets events in motion, gets the party underway, or kicks off a new program.

An initiation can also be an introduction into something, formally or informally. You might undergo an initiation ceremony when you join the Girl Scouts for the first time, or have a rude initiation into the world of traffic law when you get your first speeding ticket. But beware of the initiation rituals for college frats — you could find yourself swallowing a live goldfish or streaking across campus in your tighty-whiteys.

Definitions of initiation
  1. noun
    the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new
    “she looked forward to her initiation as an adult”
    synonyms: creation, foundation, founding, innovation, instauration, institution, introduction, origination
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    authorship, paternity
    the act of initiating a new idea or theory or writing
    type of:
    beginning, commencement, start
    the act of starting something
  2. noun
    an act that sets in motion some course of events
    synonyms: induction, trigger
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    fomentation, instigation
    deliberate and intentional triggering (of trouble or discord)
    type of:
    causation, causing
    the act of causing something to happen
  3. noun
    a formal entry into an organization or position or office
    “his initiation into the club”
    synonyms: induction, installation
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    inaugural, inauguration
    the ceremonial induction into a position
    coronation, enthronement, enthronisation, enthronization, investiture
    the ceremony of installing a new monarch
    bar mitzvah
    (Judaism) an initiation ceremony marking the 13th birthday of a Jewish boy and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility
    bas mitzvah, bat mitzvah, bath mitzvah
    (Judaism) an initiation ceremony marking the 12th birthday of a Jewish girl and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility
    type of:
    ceremonial, ceremonial occasion, ceremony, observance
    a formal event performed on a special occasion
  4. noun
    wisdom as evidenced by the possession of knowledge
    “his dullness was due to lack of initiation
    synonyms: knowledgeability, knowledgeableness
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    type of:
    wisdom, wiseness
    the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight
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