1. ingredient a component of a mixture or compound
  2. incredulous not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving
  3. pretentious creating an appearance of importance or distinction
  4. unpretentious not behaving in an artificial way to impress others; natural
  5. inordinate beyond normal limits
  6. incremental increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions
  7. increment the amount by which something increases
  8. ingrained deeply rooted; firmly fixed or held
  9. incredulity doubt about the truth of something
  10. incredible amazing; extraordinarily good or great
  11. uncoordinated lacking the skillful and effective interaction of muscle movements
  12. incriminate suggest that someone is guilty
  13. inordinately extremely
  14. inadvertently without knowledge or intention
  15. ingratitude a lack of gratitude
  16. ingratiate gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts
  17. incredibleness the quality of being incredible
  18. in agreement united by being of the same opinion
  19. inexpediently in an inexpedient manner
  20. uncurtained not provided with curtains