Definitions of infrared
  1. adjective
    having or employing wavelengths longer than light but shorter than radio waves; lying outside the visible spectrum at its red end
    infrared radiation”
    infrared photography”
    invisible, unseeable
    impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye
  2. noun
    electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves
    synonyms: infrared emission, infrared light, infrared radiation
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    type of:
    actinic radiation, actinic ray
    electromagnetic radiation that can produce photochemical reactions
  3. noun
    the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum; electromagnetic wave frequencies below the visible range
    “they could sense radiation in the infrared
    synonyms: infrared frequency
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    type of:
    frequence, frequency, oftenness
    the number of occurrences within a given time period
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