1. inexperienced person a person who lacks knowledge of evil
  2. inexperienced lacking practical experience or training
  3. experience the content of observation or participation in an event
  4. inexperience lack of experience and the knowledge and understanding derived from experience
  5. experienced having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
  6. experimentation the testing of an idea
  7. experiment the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
  8. inexperient lacking practical experience or training
  9. express emotion give verbal or other expression to one's feelings
  10. re-experiencing a recurrence of a prior experience
  11. inexpedience the quality of being unsuited to the end in view
  12. exuberant joyously unrestrained
  13. inexpensiveness the quality of being affordable
  14. experiential of or relating to direct observation or participation
  15. anachronistic chronologically misplaced
  16. inexplicitness unclearness by virtue of not being explicit
  17. unexpressed not made explicit
  18. inexpediency the quality of being unsuited to the end in view
  19. expressionistic of or relating to expressionism
  20. experimental method the use of controlled observations and measurements to test hypotheses