A clumsy, incompetent person — or an ineffective action — is inept. When you're inept, you don't know what you're doing or just can't get it done.

Someone inept is bumbling, clueless, and ineffective. Inept people are dumb or clueless; they don't understand things. More than that, inept people are bad at what they do. An inept lawyer always loses cases. An inept figure skater wipes out on the ice. An inept postal worker loses mail and puts it in the wrong box. An inept person is downright bad at something. The opposite of inept is competent.

Definitions of inept
  1. adjective
    generally incompetent and ineffectual
    inept handling of the account”
    synonyms: feckless
    not qualified or suited for a purpose
  2. adjective
    revealing lack of perceptiveness or judgment or finesse
    “an inept remark”
    synonyms: tactless
    not adroit
  3. adjective
    not elegant or graceful in expression
    “if the rumor is true, can anything be more inept than to repeat it now?”
    synonyms: awkward, clumsy, cumbersome, ill-chosen, inapt
    not appropriate in application; defective
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