Definitions of industrialist
  1. noun
    someone who manages or has significant financial interest in an industrial enterprise
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    Andrew Carnegie
    United States industrialist and philanthropist who endowed education and public libraries and research trusts (1835-1919)
    Peter Cooper
    United States industrialist who built the first American locomotive; founded Cooper Union in New York City to offer free courses in the arts and sciences (1791-1883)
    Glenn Hammond Curtiss
    United States industrialist and aviation pioneer (1878-1930)
    Gottlieb Daimler
    German engineer and automobile manufacturer who produced the first high-speed internal combustion engine (1834-1900)
    John Deere
    United States industrialist who manufactured plows suitable for working the prairie soil (1804-1886)
    George Eastman
    United States inventor of a dry-plate process of developing photographic film and of flexible film (his firm introduced roll film) and of the box camera and of a process for color photography (1854-1932)
    Henry Ford
    United States manufacturer of automobiles who pioneered mass production (1863-1947)
    Edsel Bryant Ford
    son of Henry Ford (1893-1943)
    Henry Ford II
    grandson of Henry Ford (1917-1987)
    Henry Clay Frick
    United States industrialist who amassed a fortune in the steel industry (1849-1919)
    King Camp Gilette
    United States inventor and manufacturer who developed the safety razor (1855-1932)
    Meyer Guggenheim
    United States industrialist (born in Switzerland) who with his sons established vast mining and metal processing companies (1828-1905)
    Henry John Heinz
    United States industrialist who manufactured and sold processed foods (1844-1919)
    William Henry Hoover
    United States industrialist who manufactured vacuum cleaners (1849-1932)
    Howard Robard Hughes
    United States industrialist who was an aviator and a film producer; during the last years of his life he was a total recluse (1905-1976)
    Friedrich Krupp
    German industrialist who manufactured steel in Essen (1787-1826)
    Edwin Herbert Land
    United States inventor who incorporated Polaroid film into lenses and invented the one step photographic process (1909-1991)
    First Viscount Nuffield
    British industrialist who manufactured automobiles and created a philanthropic foundation (1877-1963)
    Wilhelm von Opel
    German industrialist who was the first in Germany to use an assembly line in manufacturing automobiles (1871-1948)
    Elisha Graves Otis
    United States inventor who manufactured the first elevator with a safety device (1811-1861)
    Robert Owen
    Welsh industrialist and social reformer who founded cooperative communities (1771-1858)
    Sir Frederick Handley Page
    English industrialist who pioneered in the design and manufacture of aircraft (1885-1962)
    John Davison Rockefeller
    United States industrialist who made a fortune in the oil business and gave half of it away (1839-1937)
    Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky
    United States industrialist (born in Russia) who designed the first four-engine airplane and the first mass-produced helicopter (1889-1972)
    Ernest Solvay
    Belgian chemist who developed the Solvay process and built factories exploiting it (1838-1922)
    type of:
    businessman, man of affairs
    a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)
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