Indolent is an adjective meaning slow or lazy. It can take an indolent teenager hours to get out of bed on a weekend morning. Often it's noon before he finally comes shuffling down to breakfast in his pajamas.

An indolent person is slow and lazy — not the type of person you'd want running your corporation or competing with you in a relay race. Doctors use the word indolent to describe medical conditions that are slow to progress. If you're diagnosed with an illness, you'd prefer an indolent one over one that spreads quickly.

Definitions of indolent
  1. adjective
    disinclined to work or exertion
    “an indolent hanger-on”
    synonyms: faineant, lazy, otiose, slothful, work-shy
    not in action or at work
  2. adjective
    (of tumors, e.g.) slow to heal or develop and usually painless
    “an indolent ulcer”
    “leprosy is an indolent infectious disease”
    (pathology) not progressing or increasing; or progressing slowly
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