If you indoctrinate someone, you teach that person a one-sided view of something and ignore or dismiss opinions that don’t agree with your view. Cults, political entities, and even fans of particular sports teams are often said to indoctrinate their followers.

If you indoctrinate someone, the goal is to have that person follow a particular set of beliefs (or a doctrine), rather than being able to think independently or know right from wrong. For example, a child may be indoctrinated into a life of violence by growing up in a war-torn region, or a student may be indoctrinated into a life as a Marxist by an influential political science professor.

Definitions of indoctrinate
  1. verb
    teach doctrines to; teach uncritically
    see moresee less
    inspire, revolutionise, revolutionize
    fill with revolutionary ideas
    submit to brainwashing; indoctrinate forcibly
    type of:
    instruct, learn, teach
    impart skills or knowledge to
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