1. antagonist someone who offers opposition
  2. integrity an undivided or unbroken completeness with nothing wanting
  3. indignant angered at something unjust or wrong
  4. indigenous originating where it is found
  5. index case the earliest documented case of a disease that is included in an epidemiological study
  6. index fossil a fossil known to have lived in a particular geologic age that can be used to date the rock layer in which it is found
  7. intoxicated stupefied or excited by a chemical substance
  8. indexless lacking an index
  9. intoxicate make drunk (with alcoholic drinks)
  10. indictment an accusation of wrongdoing
  11. index fund a mutual fund that invests in the stocks that are the basis of a well-known stock or bond index
  12. context the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation
  13. intoxicant a drug that can produce a state of intoxication
  14. Manduca sexta large green white-striped hawkmoth larva that feeds on tobacco and related plants; similar to tomato hornworm
  15. indigent poor enough to need help from others
  16. index register a register used to determine the address of an operand
  17. Ian Douglas Smith Rhodesian statesman who declared independence of Zimbabwe from Great Britain (born in 1919)
  18. undiagnosed eluding diagnosis
  19. anticatalyst (chemistry) a substance that retards a chemical reaction or diminishes the activity of a catalyst
  20. undecomposed not left to spoil

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