1. incorporeal without material form or substance
  2. incorporate make into a whole or make part of a whole
  3. incorporeality the quality of not being physical; not consisting of matter
  4. corporeal having material or physical form or substance
  5. corporal affecting the body as opposed to the mind or spirit
  6. incorporated formed or united into a whole
  7. incredulous not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving
  8. incorrigible impervious to correction by punishment
  9. incorporation the consolidation two or more things
  10. incurable incapable of being remedied
  11. incomparable such that comparison is impossible
  12. incorporative growing by taking over and incorporating adjacent territories
  13. incredible beyond belief or understanding
  14. incomparably in an incomparable manner or to an incomparable degree
  15. incorruptible incapable of being morally corrupted
  16. lance corporal an enlisted man in the marine corps ranking above a private first class and below a corporal
  17. incremental increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions
  18. arboreal of or relating to or formed by trees
  19. incorrectly in an incorrect manner
  20. incurably in a manner impossible to cure