When your friend promises to save you the last piece of gum but doesn't, you might curse her for her inconstancy. Inconstancy means changeability, not sticking to a predetermined course.

Inconstancy is a word often associated with love––if someone promises to love you forever in eighth grade but ends up falling for someone else in ninth, their behavior testifies to the inconstancy of their love. Or the inconstancy of youth. Or maybe just the inconstancy of love in general.

Definitions of inconstancy
  1. noun
    the quality of being changeable and variable
    synonyms: changefulness
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    constancy, stability
    the quality of being enduring and free from change or variation
    capriciousness, unpredictability
    the quality of being guided by sudden unpredictable impulses
    type of:
    changeability, changeableness
    the quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change
  2. noun
    unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable or treacherous
    synonyms: faithlessness, falseness, fickleness
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    type of:
    infidelity, unfaithfulness
    the quality of being unfaithful
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