1. incongruent not corresponding in character or kind
  2. incongruity the quality of disagreeing
  3. congruent corresponding in character or kind
  4. inconsequent lacking worth or importance
  5. incongruous lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness
  6. unconquered not conquered
  7. incoherent without logical or meaningful connection
  8. incongruousness the quality of disagreeing
  9. incongruously in an incongruous manner
  10. inconvenient not well timed
  11. Duncan Grant Scottish painter
  12. incognizant (often followed by `of') not aware
  13. unconcerned lacking in interest or care or feeling
  14. inconstant likely to change frequently often without apparent or cogent reason; variable
  15. unconstraint the trait of lacking restraint or control
  16. inconsequently lacking consequence
  17. incandescent emitting light as a result of being heated
  18. Indian currant North American deciduous shrub cultivated for it abundant clusters of coral-red berrylike fruits
  19. uncongenial not suitable to your tastes or needs
  20. unconcernedly in an unconcerned manner

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