To illumine is to shine a light on something, literally or figuratively. Your desk lamp might illumine the page of your book, while the words you're reading illumine your mind.

This literary term is a more poetic way of saying "illuminate," though its original meaning was the figurative "enlighten spiritually." It's a graceful verb to use when you're talking about light that shines or glows: "The dancing candlelight cheerfully illumines the dim room." It's also useful for describing ideas that spark an intellectual or spiritual understanding: "It's the first time I've read philosophy that truly illumines my perception."

Definitions of illumine
  1. verb
    make lighter or brighter
    synonyms: illume, illuminate, light, light up
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    illuminate with floodlights
    illuminate with a spotlight, as in the theater
    type of:
    lighten, lighten up
    become lighter
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