To be hypnotized is to have your attention captured, either by a hypnotist or anything captivating. When hypnotized, it's like you're under a spell.

Hypnotists (if you believe in that sort of thing) have the power to capture people's attention and control them. Someone under a hypnotist's power is hypnotized, and the word is used for similar situations. If you can't put down a book, you have become hypnotized by it. People seem hypnotized when they are focused on something and can't look away. To be hypnotized is to be fascinated, mesmerized, spellbound, and transfixed.

Definitions of hypnotized

adj having your attention fixated as though by a spell

fascinated, hypnotised, mesmerised, mesmerized, spell-bound, spellbound, transfixed
influenced as by charms or incantations

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