Despite many jokes to the contrary, a humanitarian is not someone who eats humans (as a vegetarian eats vegetables)! A humanitarian is a person concerned with the welfare of all humankind.

A millionaire would be considered a great humanitarian if he donated much of his wealth for improving education, housing, and food for the poor. As an adjective, humanitarian is used to describe something or someone who displays the characteristics of someone concerned with human welfare: "The humanitarian project was developed to help women become self-sufficient in third world countries."

Definitions of humanitarian
  1. adjective
    marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare
    “released the prisoner for humanitarian reasons”
    synonyms: human-centered, human-centred, humanist, humanistic
    marked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering
  2. adjective
    of or relating to or characteristic of humanitarianism
    humanitarian aid”
  3. noun
    someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms
    synonyms: do-gooder, improver
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    type of:
    benefactor, helper
    a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help)
  4. noun
    an advocate of the principles of humanism; someone concerned with the interests and welfare of humans
    synonyms: humanist
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    type of:
    advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent
    a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
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