Hullabaloo is a lovely term for a fuss or commotion, usually over something of little or no importance, like a celebrity's new hair style.

Save hullabaloo for the trivial fuss. Anything of real importance — a war, a murder, for example — merits a more serious term like "disturbance" or "outcry." Hullabaloo allegedly comes from the sound of lots of people saying "Hullo!" Hullo!" In other words, it's an onomatopoeic word, that is to say it sounds like its meaning, like hiss or tick tock or oink. Curious fact: there's no plural to hullabaloo: hullabaloos is not a word.

Definitions of hullabaloo

n disturbance usually in protest

agitation, excitement, turmoil, upheaval
Type of:
the act of disturbing something or someone; setting something in motion

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