Definitions of houseplant
  1. noun
    any of a variety of plants grown indoors for decorative purposes
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    Aglaonema modestum, Chinese evergreen, Japanese leaf
    erect or partially climbing herb having large green or variegated leaves
    anthurium, tail-flower, tailflower
    any of various tropical American plants cultivated for their showy foliage and flowers
    Rivina humilis, blood berry, bloodberry, rouge plant, rougeberry
    bushy houseplant having white to pale pink flowers followed by racemes of scarlet berries; tropical Americas
    Gynura aurantiaca, purple velvet plant, royal velvet plant, velvet plant
    Javanese foliage plant grown for their handsome velvety leaves with violet-purple hairs
    Exacum affine, Persian violet
    perennial cultivated especially as a houseplant for its fragrant bluish to dark lavender flowers
    any plant of the genus Episcia; usually creeping and stoloniferous and of cascading habit; grown for their colorful foliage and flowers
    any of several plants of the genera Gloxinia or Sinningia (greenhouse gloxinias) having showy bell-shaped flowers
    shrubby herb cultivated for their soft velvety foliage and showy scarlet flowers
    any of various ornamental plants of the genus Plectranthus
    Anthurium andraeanum, Anthurium scherzerianum, flamingo flower, flamingo plant
    commonly cultivated anthurium having bright scarlet spathe and spadix
    Canterbury bell, Gloxinia perennis
    herb of Colombia to Peru having pale purple flowers
    Gloxinia spesiosa, Sinningia speciosa, florist's gloxinia
    South American herb cultivated in many varieties as a houseplant for its large handsome leaves and large variously colored bell-shaped flowers
    type of:
    flora, plant, plant life
    (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
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