Horrid things are absolutely dreadful — they horrify or disgust you. A horrid dream can make you wake with a gasp and lie there with your heart pounding.

You might cover your eyes during a particularly horrid scene in a scary movie, or skip past the horrid photos of a war zone in the newspaper. Things are also horrid when they're just plain bad: "That wallpaper in your bedroom is absolutely horrid." In the 1400s, horrid meant "hairy, shaggy, or bristling." The word stems from a Latin root, horrere, "to bristle with fear."

Definitions of horrid

adj grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror

hideous, horrific, outrageous
unpleasant or disgusting especially to the senses

adj exceedingly bad

“when she was bad she was horrid
having undesirable or negative qualities

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