Homogeneity is the sameness of things. If you're looking for homogeneity in your wardrobe, you'll want shirts and jeans that all have something similar about them.

Homogeneity can also mean that something is the same throughout. Plain yogurt has a homogeneity about it — it's white all the way through and it should be the same texture throughout. On the other hand, yogurt with fruit at the bottom can be described as having heterogeneity — different textures and different colors. The Greek root homo-, means "same," and genos means "race" or "kind" — so homogeneity is the quality of being "the same kind."

Definitions of homogeneity
  1. noun
    the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature
    “there is a remarkable homogeneity between the two companies”
    synonyms: homogeneousness
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    heterogeneity, heterogeneousness
    the quality of being diverse and not comparable in kind
    type of:
    uniformity, uniformness
    the quality of lacking diversity or variation (even to the point of boredom)
  2. noun
    the quality of being of uniform throughout in composition or structure
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    type of:
    a condition in which everything is regular and unvarying
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