When someone returns home in a celebratory way — from war, college, or a long trip, for example — they have a homecoming. If your brother works at sea as a fisherman for several months each year, your whole family might gather for his homecoming.

Your homecoming after your first year at college might be a bit of a letdown, if you're expected to find a summer job immediately. A soldier's homecoming is almost always a relief for his or her family. In high school or college, homecoming is a reunion that often centers around an autumn football game and a dance or party. In the U.S., this type of homecoming has been around since the 1930s.

Definitions of homecoming

n a coming to or returning home

the act of returning to the country of origin
Type of:
the act of arriving at a certain place

n an annual school or university reunion for graduates

Type of:
reunification, reunion
the act of coming together again

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