hollow out

To hollow out is to scoop or otherwise remove the insides of something. To build a cave, you'll have to hollow out the earth in the side of a hill.

During war, soldiers sometimes hollow out trenches they can crouch in for protection from gunfire. Animals, including woodpeckers and several types of insects, also hollow out protective areas for themselves, often from dead wood in trees. And some kinds of drums are also made by hollowing out a piece of wood. Hollow has an Old English root, holh, "hole or hollow place."

Definitions of hollow out

v remove the interior of

core out, hollow
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gouge, rout
make a groove in
scallop, scollop
form scallops in
make holes in
draw in, suck in
draw in as if by suction
scoop out
hollow out with a scoop
cavern, cavern out
hollow out as if making a cavern
cave, undermine
hollow out as if making a cave or opening
dig, dig out
create by digging
form by hollowing
remove the core or center from
excavate the earth beneath
take (root crops) out of the ground
dig a trench or trenches
make a hole with a wooden hand tool
Type of:
make void or empty of contents

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