If you frequently take long walks along trails through the forest or up the gentle slopes of mountains, you're a hiker. Pass the trail mix.

As opposed to someone who's taking a brief stroll or a long walk in the city, hikers tend to take vigorous, deliberate walks in the countryside. Day hikers may hike empty-handed, wearing sturdy walking shoes, while longer hikes require hikers to carry packs with water, food, a compass, and possibly even camping supplies. Hiker comes from the verb hike, a 19th century word that was originally spelled hyke.

Definitions of hiker
  1. noun
    a foot traveler; someone who goes on an extended walk (for pleasure)
    synonyms: tramp, tramper
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    backpacker, packer
    a hiker who wears a backpack
    type of:
    footer, pedestrian, walker
    a person who travels by foot
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