Hello! Hi! How are you doing? Hello is a salutation or greeting commonly used to begin conversations or telephone calls.

Hello has been used as an English greeting since the 19th century. Most agree that it is related to the older French exclamation “Holà” — which means essentially “Ho there!” — like you might say to a horse to tell it to stop. Nowadays it’s still used to get someone’s attention but instead of stopping you’re starting something — usually a chat. Hallo and Hullo are variations of Hello used by British English speakers.

Definitions of hello
  1. noun
    an expression of greeting
    “every morning they exchanged polite hellos
    synonyms: hi, how-do-you-do, howdy, hullo
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    type of:
    greeting, salutation
    (usually plural) an acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting)
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