Heft is the bulk or weight of a person or thing. You might shift the heft of that huge bag of dog food you just bought over to your left arm while you use your right hand to open the door.

The heft of your big suitcase might make you question the wisdom of packing so many books. You can use heft as a verb, too — you could move the books into your backpack and then heft it back onto your shoulder. Heft comes from the verb heave, "lift with effort," modeled on verb/noun combinations like "thieve" and "theft" or "weave" and "weft."

Definitions of heft
  1. noun
    the property of being large in mass
    synonyms: heftiness, massiveness, ponderosity, ponderousness
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    type of:
    heaviness, weightiness
    the property of being comparatively great in weight
  2. verb
    test the weight of something by lifting it
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    type of:
    librate, weigh
    determine the weight of
  3. verb
    lift or elevate
    synonyms: heave, heave up, heft up
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    lift forcefully from beneath
    weigh anchor, weigh the anchor
    heave up an anchor in preparation for sailing
    type of:
    take hold of something and move it to a different location
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