heart disease

Definitions of heart disease
  1. noun
    a disease of the heart
    synonyms: cardiopathy
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    coronary heart disease
    a heart disease due to an abnormality of the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the heart
    angina, angina pectoris
    a heart condition marked by paroxysms of chest pain due to reduced oxygen to the heart
    arrhythmia, cardiac arrhythmia
    an abnormal rate of muscle contractions in the heart
    cardiomyopathy, myocardiopathy
    a disorder (usually of unknown origin) of the heart muscle (myocardium)
    coronary failure, heart failure
    inability of the heart to pump enough blood to sustain normal bodily functions
    valvular heart disease
    heart disease caused by stenosis of the cardiac valves and obstructed blood flow or caused by degeneration and blood regurgitation
    rheumatic heart disease
    heart disease caused by recurrent episodes of rheumatic fever; characterized by changes in the myocardium or scarring of the heart valves that reduce the power of the heart to pump blood
    coronary occlusion
    occlusion of a coronary artery caused either by progressive atherosclerosis or by a blood clot
    coronary, coronary thrombosis
    obstruction of blood flow in a coronary artery by a blood clot (thrombus)
    aortic stenosis
    abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve
    hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    a disorder in which the heart muscle is so strong that it does not relax enough to fill with the heart with blood and so has reduced pumping ability
    abnormally rapid beating of the auricles of the heart (especially in a regular rhythm); can result in heart block
    cantering rhythm, gallop rhythm
    cardiac rhythm characterized by the presence of an extra sound; can indicate a heart abnormality
    mitral valve prolapse
    cardiopathy resulting from the mitral valve not regulating the flow of blood between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart
    mitral stenosis, mitral valve stenosis
    obstruction or narrowing of the mitral valve (as by scarring from rheumatic fever)
    congestive heart failure
    inability to pump enough blood to avoid congestion in the tissues
    heart attack
    a sudden severe instance of abnormal heart function
    atrial fibrillation
    fibrillation of the muscles of the atria of the heart
    abnormally slow heartbeat
    Adams-Stokes syndrome, Stokes-Adams syndrome, atrioventricular block, heart block
    recurrent sudden attacks of unconsciousness caused by impaired conduction of the impulse that regulates the heartbeat
    PVC, premature ventricular contraction
    irregularity of cardiac rhythm; recurrent occurrences can be a precursor of ventricular fibrillation
    abnormally rapid heartbeat (over 100 beats per minute)
    ventricular fibrillation
    fibrillation of heart muscles resulting in interference with rhythmic contractions of the ventricles and possibly leading to cardiac arrest
    type of:
    cardiovascular disease
    a disease of the heart or blood vessels
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