Headlong describes something done headfirst, rashly, or really quickly. If you’re the star batter on your baseball team, it’s expected that you'll make a headlong dive for the base.

Headlong can refer to hasty actions, but it can also be used more figuratively to describe decisions that are reckless or made in a hurry. Your sister may tend to weigh all the options, but you make headlong decisions. When you decided headlong to move to Florida for a chance to play professionally, your sister thought you’d gone off your rocker — but the day you sign a major contract, she’ll be singing a different tune.

Definitions of headlong
  1. adverb
    with the head foremost
    “the runner slid headlong into third base”
    synonyms: headfirst
  2. adverb
    in a hasty and foolhardy manner
    synonyms: rashly
  3. adverb
    at breakneck speed
    “burst headlong through the gate”
    synonyms: precipitately
  4. adjective
    with the head foremost
    “a headlong dive into the pool”
    synonyms: headfirst
    at or near or directed toward the front
  5. adjective
    excessively quick
    “a headlong rush to sell”
    synonyms: hasty
    moving rapidly or performed quickly or in great haste
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