A harbor is a safe place providing refuge and comfort. If you're traveling, the harbor provided by a warm hotel is welcome. For ships, a harbor is a sheltered port area shielded from waves, where it's safe to dock.

Harbor can also be used as a verb, which describes maintaining a belief or a feeling. If you harbor ill-will toward your neighbor John, you don't like him much. Harbor can also mean you hold back your ideas and don't express them openly. John may have no idea you hate him if you harbor your true feelings deep inside, but pretend you like him to his face.

Definitions of harbor
  1. noun
    a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo
    synonyms: harbour, haven, seaport
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    an ancient seaport in northwestern Israel; an important Roman city in ancient Palestine
    Pearl Harbor
    a harbor on Oahu to the west of Honolulu; location of a United States naval base that was attacked by the Japanese on 7 Dec 1941
    Boston Harbor
    the seaport at Boston
    coaling station
    a seaport where ships can take on supplies of coal
    port of call
    any port where a ship stops except its home port
    type of:
    a place (seaport or airport) where people and merchandise can enter or leave a country
  2. noun
    a place of refuge and comfort and security
    synonyms: harbour
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    type of:
    asylum, refuge, sanctuary
    a shelter from danger or hardship
  3. verb
    secretly shelter (as of fugitives or criminals)
    synonyms: harbour
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    type of:
    provide shelter for
  4. verb
    keep in one's possession; of animals
    synonyms: harbour
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    type of:
    hold on, keep
    retain possession of
  5. verb
    maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)
    harbor a resentment”
    synonyms: entertain, harbour, hold, nurse
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    type of:
    experience, feel
    undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind
  6. verb
    hold back a thought or feeling about
    “She is harboring a grudge against him”
    synonyms: harbour, shield
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    type of:
    conceal, hide
    prevent from being seen or discovered
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