Whether it's used as a noun or a verb, the word halt means stop. You can remember this by remembering that when you step on the brake to halt your car (verb), it comes to a halt (noun).

English draws on both Romance and Germanic languages, and halt is one that comes from the Old High German haltmachen, which means "to hold." The word suggests a stoppage in the midst of action, and a Chinese proverb states, “We are not so much concerned if you are slow as when you come to a halt.” Consider, also, that a less-used definition of the word is that of "lame" or disabled, which still ties in with the idea of stopping.

Definitions of halt
  1. verb
    cause to stop
    Halt the engines”
    halt the presses”
    synonyms: arrest, hold
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    type of:
    cause to stop
  2. verb
    stop from happening or developing
    Halt the process”
    synonyms: block, kibosh, stop
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    prevent commerce
    stop a judicial process
    type of:
    forbid, foreclose, forestall, preclude, preempt, prevent
    keep from happening or arising; make impossible
  3. verb
    stop the flow of a liquid
    synonyms: stanch, staunch, stem
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    type of:
    arrest the motion (of something) abruptly
  4. verb
    come to a halt, stop moving
    synonyms: stop
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    get going, go, start
    begin or set in motion
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    go off
    stop running, functioning, or operating
    pull up short
    stop abruptly
    stop for a moment, as if out of uncertainty or caution
    stop in a chase especially when scent is lost
    abandon the intended prey, turn, and pursue an inferior prey
    rein, rein in
    stop or slow up one's horse or oneself by or as if by pulling the reins
    conk, stall
    come to a stop
    experience a stall in flight, of airplanes
    draw up, haul up, pull up
    come to a halt after driving somewhere
    stop travelling by applying a brake
    come to rest
  5. noun
    an interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement
    “a halt in the arms race”
    synonyms: freeze
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    type of:
    temporary inactivity
  6. noun
    the state of inactivity following an interruption
    “during the halt he got some lunch”
    synonyms: arrest, check, hitch, stay, stop, stoppage
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    a check that restrains another check
    any stoppage attributable to unusual activity
    type of:
    inaction, inactiveness, inactivity
    the state of being inactive
  7. noun
    the event of something ending
    synonyms: kibosh, stop
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    cessation, surcease
    a stopping
    stand, standstill, tie-up
    an interruption of normal activity
    legal separation, separation
    (law) the cessation of cohabitation of man and wife (either by mutual agreement or under a court order)
    type of:
    conclusion, ending, finish
    event whose occurrence ends something
  8. adjective
    disabled in the feet or legs
    synonyms: crippled, game, gimpy, halting, lame
    not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition
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