If you do something in a grudging manner (or grudgingly), you do it with reluctance. Doing homework, paying taxes, and saying sorry are all commonly done in a grudging manner.

"Grudging apology" and "grudging acceptance" are probably the two most common uses of this word, which perhaps says something about our lack of grace as a species. The word derives from the medieval French word groucher, meaning "to murmur or mumble." A related word is grudge, meaning a long-lasting sense of ill will dating to a previous incident.

Definitions of grudging

adj petty or reluctant in giving or spending

niggardly, scrimy
stingy, ungenerous
unwilling to spend

adj unwilling or reluctant, of especially an attitude

“gave grudging consent”
grudging acceptance of his opponent's victory”
not disposed or inclined toward

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