1. unincorporated not organized and maintained as a legal corporation
  2. re-incorporate incorporate again or anew
  3. incorporate make into a whole or make part of a whole
  4. genus Nigroporus a genus of fungi belonging to the family Polyporaceae
  5. incorporated formed or united into a whole
  6. genus Chronoperates a reptile genus of Therapsida
  7. cantankerous stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate
  8. rounding error (mathematics) a miscalculation that results from rounding off numbers to a convenient number of decimals
  9. Chronoperates a reptile genus of Therapsida
  10. discorporate not having a material body
  11. ground forces a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state
  12. sounding board a person whose reactions to something serve as an indication of its acceptability
  13. closed corporation a corporation owned by a few people
  14. tinea corporis fungal infection of nonhairy parts of the skin
  15. groundskeeper someone who maintains the grounds
  16. trust corporation an organization (usually with a commercial bank) that is engaged as a trustee or fiduciary or agent in handling trust funds or estates of custodial arrangements or stock transfers or related services
  17. Grand Inquisitor director of the court of Inquisition
  18. ground squirrel small striped semiterrestrial eastern American squirrel with cheek pouches
  19. groundkeeper someone who maintains the grounds
  20. standing rib roast a cut of meat (beef or venison) including more than one rib and the meat located along the outside of the ribs