ground cover

Definitions of ground cover
  1. noun
    low-growing plants planted in deep shade or on a steep slope where turf is difficult to grow
    synonyms: groundcover
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    Hernaria glabra, rupturewort
    common prostrate Old World herb often used as a ground cover; formerly reputed to cure ruptures
    any of various low-growing tufted plants of the genus Paronychia having tiny greenish flowers and usually whorled leaves; widespread throughout warm regions of both Old and New Worlds; formerly thought to cure whitlows (suppurative infections around a fingernail)
    pearl-weed, pearlweed, pearlwort
    any of various low-growing plants of the genus Sagina having small spherical flowers resembling pearls
    Helxine soleirolia, Soleirolia soleirolii, baby tears, baby's tears
    prostrate or creeping Corsican herb with moss-like small round short-stemmed leaves
    type of:
    botany, flora, vegetation
    all the plant life in a particular region or period
  2. noun
    small plants other than saplings growing on a forest floor
    synonyms: groundcover
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    type of:
    underbrush, undergrowth, underwood
    the brush (small trees and bushes and ferns etc.) growing beneath taller trees in a wood or forest
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