Other forms: gratuities

A gratuity is a tip that's given by a customer in exchange for services. You might leave a gratuity of several dollars when you eat lunch in a restaurant or when you get your hair cut.

A gratuity is usually a relatively small amount of money, a percentage of the total cost of a purchase or service. A gratuity doesn't pay for the goods purchased — it's a separate reward to the person who did the work. For example, in the United States, waiters and waitresses typically expect a gratuity of between 18 and 20 percent of the total cost of a meal.

Definitions of gratuity
  1. noun
    a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)
    synonyms: backsheesh, baksheesh, bakshis, bakshish, pourboire, tip
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    Christmas box
    a present given at Christmas for services during the year
    type of:
    fringe benefit, perk, perquisite
    an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)
  2. noun
    an award (as for meritorious service) given without claim or obligation
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    type of:
    award, prize
    something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery




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