go by

Definitions of go by
  1. verb
    pass by
    synonyms: elapse, glide by, go along, lapse, pass, slide by, slip away, slip by
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    fell, fly, vanish
    pass away rapidly
    type of:
    advance, go on, march on, move on, pass on, progress
    move forward, also in the metaphorical sense
  2. verb
    move past
    synonyms: go past, pass, pass by, surpass, travel by
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    pass around or about; move along the border
    run by
    pass by while running
    fly by
    pass by while flying
    fly by, whisk by, zip by
    move by very quickly
    type of:
    go, locomote, move, travel
    change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically
  3. verb
    be or act in accordance with
    Go by this rule and you'll be safe”
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    type of:
    conform to, follow
    behave in accordance or in agreement with
  4. verb
    be called; go by a certain name
    “She goes by her maiden name again”
    synonyms: go under
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