A glimmer is a tiny glint of light or the sliver of an idea. Either way, it's a sign of a lot more going on behind the scenes.

A glimmer of light is just a little bit of light, maybe sneaking through the curtains enough to make a flicker on the floor. A glimmer of an idea is just a small inkling of an idea. When someone doesn't understand something, you could make them feel worse by saying, "You don't have a glimmer of what I'm talking about, do you?" When it comes to light, you can also say light is glimmering, or gleaming. People often say stars are glimmering.

Definitions of glimmer

n a flash of light (especially reflected light)

gleam, gleaming
Type of:
a sudden intense burst of radiant energy

n a slight suggestion or vague understanding

glimmering, inkling, intimation
Type of:
an idea that is suggested

v shine brightly, like a star or a light

Type of:
cause to be seen by emitting light as if in rays

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