If your eyes are glassy, they're lifeless, glazed and emotionless. A stuffed teddy bear has glassy eyes, and so does an overtired toddler.

You might spend a glassy-eyed hour every morning before you've completely woken up and are ready to start your day. You can also describe shiny, glossy substances as glassy: "The glassy surface of the ice-covered sidewalk made her walk with tiny, careful steps." Glassy comes from the Old English glæs, "glass," and its Proto-Indo-European root ghel-, "to shine."

Definitions of glassy
  1. adjective
    (used of eyes) lacking liveliness
    “a glassy stare”
    synonyms: glazed
    holding or containing nothing
  2. adjective
    resembling glass in smoothness and shininess and slickness
    “the glassy surface of the lake”
    “"the pavement was... glassy with water"- Willa Cather”
    having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities
  3. adjective
    (of ceramics) having the surface made shiny and nonporous by fusing a vitreous solution to it
    glassy porcelain”
    synonyms: vitreous, vitrified
    glazed, shiny
    having a shiny surface or coating
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