get word

When you get word of something, you find out about it. You might only get word that your school is canceled because of snow after standing at the bus stop shivering for an hour.

It's most often an accident when you get word of something — you learn about it, rather than being told about it directly. You could also say that you "get wind" of something, or "catch wind" of it. If you get word that your neighbor's having a pool party, you can either put on your suit and walk next door, or sit at home feeling annoyed that you weren't invited.

Definitions of get word

v get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally

discover, find out, get a line, get wind, hear, learn, pick up, see
find, see, witness
perceive or be contemporaneous with
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get the goods
discover some bad or hidden information about
wise up
get wise to
catch, trip up
detect a blunder or misstep
learn or discover with certainty
discover, find
make a discovery
rake up
bring to light
ascertain or learn the price of
ferret, ferret out
search and discover through persistent investigation

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