get through

Definitions of get through
  1. verb
    succeed in reaching a real or abstract destination after overcoming problems
    “We finally got through the bureaucracy and could talk to the Minister”
    synonyms: come through
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    type of:
    arrive at, attain, gain, hit, make, reach
    reach a destination, either real or abstract
  2. verb
    finish a task completely
    “I finally got through this homework assignment”
    synonyms: clear up, finish off, finish up, mop up, polish off, wrap up
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    cap off
    finish or complete, as with some decisive action
    type of:
    complete, finish
    come or bring to a finish or an end
  3. verb
    spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time
    synonyms: while away
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    type of:
    pass, spend
    pass time in a specific way
  4. verb
    be in or establish communication with
    synonyms: contact, get hold of, reach
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    send a message from one computer to another to check whether it is reachable and active
    contact, usually in order to remind of something
    establish radio communications with
    type of:
    communicate, intercommunicate
    transmit thoughts or feelings
  5. verb
    become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions
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