1. gaviiform seabird seabirds of the order Gaviiformes
  2. sphenisciform seabird flightless cold-water seabirds: penguins
  3. pelecaniform seabird large fish-eating seabird with four-toed webbed feet
  4. Gaviiformes large aquatic birds: loons and some extinct forms
  5. coraciiform bird chiefly short-legged arboreal nonpasserine birds that nest in holes
  6. piciform bird any of numerous nonpasserine insectivorous climbing birds usually having strong bills for boring wood
  7. procellariiform seabird large long-winged bird with hooked bill and tubular nostrils that wanders the open seas
  8. cuculiform bird birds having zygodactyl feet (except for the touracos)
  9. podicipitiform seabird aquatic birds related to the loons
  10. apodiform bird nonpasserine bird having long wings and weak feet
  11. sulfur mustard a toxic war gas with sulfide based compounds that raises blisters and attacks the eyes and lungs; there is no known antidote
  12. conformist someone who follows established standards of conduct
  13. columbiform bird a cosmopolitan order of land birds having small heads and short legs with four unwebbed toes
  14. passeriform bird perching birds mostly small and living near the ground with feet having 4 toes arranged to allow for gripping the perch; most are songbirds; hatchlings are helpless
  15. weaverbird finch-like African and Asian colonial birds noted for their elaborately woven nests
  16. gallows bird a person who deserves to be hanged
  17. game bird any bird (as grouse or pheasant) that is hunted for sport
  18. Galliformes pheasants
  19. performance bond a bond given to protect the recipient against loss in case the terms of a contract are not filled; a surety company assumes liability for nonperformance
  20. gallinaceous bird heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding domestic or game birds