Someone who's tall, long-limbed, and awkward is gangly. Many teenagers go through a gangly phase before they reach their full height and weight.

Gangly people are gawky and skinny, and you could also describe an adolescent colt or puppy with long, ungraceful legs as gangly. The adjective gangly is American, its invention often attributed to Mark Twain, who used it in his 1872 book "Roughing It," as a variation on the British word with the same meaning, gangling.

Definitions of gangly
  1. adjective
    tall and thin and having long slender limbs
    synonyms: gangling, lanky, rangy
    great in vertical dimension; high in stature
  2. adjective
    tall and thin
    synonyms: gangling, lanky
    lean, thin
    lacking excess flesh
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