1. complacent contented to a fault with oneself or one's actions
  2. complex complicated in structure
  3. gambler someone who risks loss or injury in the hope of gain or excitement
  4. compulsory required by rule
  5. compliance the act of submitting, usually surrendering power to another
  6. game plan (figurative) a carefully thought out strategy for achieving an objective in war or politics or business or personal affairs
  7. complement something added to embellish or make perfect
  8. compliment a remark expressing praise and admiration
  9. complacency the feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself
  10. koto player a musician who plays the koto
  11. CD player a stand-alone piece of electronic equipment that either has its own display or attaches to a television set
  12. compiler a person who compiles information
  13. employer a person or firm that hires workers
  14. cobblers nonsense
  15. tape player electronic equipment for playing back magnetic tapes
  16. compliancy a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others
  17. game bird any bird (as grouse or pheasant) that is hunted for sport
  18. gameboard a flat portable surface designed for board games
  19. implore beg or request earnestly and urgently
  20. exemplary worthy of imitation