You can use the adjective galvanic to describe electricity that's formed from a chemical reaction.

A galvanic current, or one that develops from two or more substances reacting chemically to each other, is often considered to be harmful, causing corrosion of metal in some cases. A deliberate galvanic reaction happens in a battery, however, as its electricity is produced from a chemical reaction. The word galvanic comes from the name of the Italian scientist who first identified this kind of electricity, Luigi Galvani.

Definitions of galvanic
  1. adjective
    pertaining to or producing electric current by chemical action
    “a galvanic cell”
    “a voltaic (or galvanic) couple”
    synonyms: voltaic
  2. adjective
    affected by emotion as if by electricity; thrilling
    “the new leader had a galvanic effect on morale”
    synonyms: electric, galvanising, galvanizing
    creating or arousing excitement
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